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Like an alarm bell, it warns us against dangerous situations and motivates us to deal with problems. But, when such feelings are intense, last for a period of time, and impact our day to day living, it can lead to anxiety disorder. We provide supportive counselling, and may suggest lifestyle changes along with psychological intervention.


Depression isn’t the same as brief sadness, and those depressed can’t just “pull themselves together”. It is also definitely not a sign of personal weakness. It can affect the way one feels about oneself, and the way one thinks about things.

Couple Therapy

A perfect relationship can easily be soured by unmet needs and misunderstandings. Our psychologists work together with couples to rebuild and strengthen their bond by creating a new method of interaction and communication.

Anger Management

It is normal to be frustrated, and angry, throughout our lives. However, frequent bouts of rage along with persistent anger can be detrimental to our health, and relationships. If you find yourself easily irritable, and prone to outbursts, we can provide the professional help you need.

Crisis & Trauma

Unexpected crisis and traumatic events can make us feel threatened, and overwhelmed. We may also feel helpless and dysfunctional before and after the event. At CaperSpring, we aim to provide intervention to mitigate the risk of developing other serious psychological conditions.

Loss & Grief

When we hear “loss and grief”, we tend to think of death and dying. But the loss of jobs, relationships, health, youth, and home, can also cause us to feel a strong sense of grief and deep sadness. We can provide professional help to you to develop greater coping resources.

Life Coaching

This is to develop one’s potential and live a fuller life. It allows one to feel “seen”, “heard” and appreciated as a unique individual. More importantly, it will deploy a person’s strengths and talents, so that the development is consistent and organic.

Emotion Coaching

Emotion coaching is conducted in an experiential and yet safe way to allow us to tap fully into this powerful system that all of us possess. Emotions are “senses” that provide us with useful information, like sight, smell, sound, and touch. They help us navigate the environment, survive, and when harnessed fully they help us thrive. Yet some of us are not fully aware of them and may even “reject” painful emotions.

Rate Therapy

What is Reduced Rate Therapy?

Reduced Rate Therapy (RRT) offers affordable mental health services that are provided by interns who are on clinical placement as part of their post-graduate training. Interns, in addition to being closely supervised by experienced therapists, go through a stringent selection process.

Why do we provide RRT?

According to the Institute of Mental Health (2018), one in seven Singaporeans experienced a mental disorder in their lifetime. Additionally, more than three-quarters do not seek professional help, with costly fees shown as a major factor. We strive to address this by making mental health care affordable by charging a nominal fee for cost recovery.