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“Every cloud has a silver lining and a rainbow.”

Grace Goh

Senior Counsellor

Therapy Philosophy

Grace is guided by Emotion Focused Therapy and Internal Family Systems in her work. She believes that emotions are healthy and naturally occurring responses to the external environment. By being attuned to our emotions and bodily responses, we will be able to harness the rich information to meet our needs and lead a fulfilling life. Grace inspires to provide a safe therapeutic space and help her clients learn to befriend their inner voices/parts so that they can accept and embrace themselves with much kindness and compassion.

Professional Education & Credentials

Grace has been a counsellor for more than 12 years. She works with individuals who have issues such as depression, anxiety, interpersonal stress, trauma and self-harm. She also works with couples and families who struggle with connection, trust and attachment injuries.

Grace completed her Masters in Social Science (Counselling) under a scholarship by the National Council of Social Service. She is a registered counsellor under the Singapore Association for Counselling.

Grace started her career in The Singapore Prison Service in various roles supporting secure custodian and rehabilitation of offenders. She moved on to work with the youths and young adults in a Christian church, developing programmes in their faith formation. Having a strong calling to serve the community, Grace ventured out to serve the homeless population as a centre manager in a Shelter for Displaced Families. Subsequently, she did counselling work with individuals, couples and families dealing with depression, anxiety, trauma and domestic violence.

As a Person

She is married to a charming and intelligent husband who has visual impairments. She is a mother to 2 energetic and expressive boys, and in 2022 a baby girl was added and completed her family.