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Emotion-Focused Therapy Module 2
(22 - 24 April 2024)

Workshop Leader : Neo Eng Chuan

Neo Eng Chuan is a certified EFT practitioner, approved trainer and supervisor by the International Society of Emotion-Focused Therapy. He is the founder of Caper Institute, the only institute in Singapore authorised to organise, conduct and deliver Emotion Focused Therapy (EFT) training and has facilitated countless trainings and webinars alongside the co-founders of EFT. He is focused on growing the EFT community within Singapore and undertaking projects to further EFT research.

About Emotion-Focused Therapy

Emotion Focused Therapy (EFT) is an empirically-supported humanistic treatment that views emotions as centrally important in human functioning and therapeutic change. This experiential approach integrates person centered therapy, gestalt therapy and existential therapy. Persons receiving EFT treatment become stronger and are more skillful in accessing the important information and meanings about themselves and their world that emotions contain, and become more skillful in using that information to live vitally and adaptively.

Details of Workshop

Date: 22, 23, 24 April 2024

Time: 9am – 5pm

Venue: To be announced

Pre-requisite: Participants must have completed EFT Module 1


Level 2 further equips participants in the application of EFT tasks. This is done by introducing concepts such as the 6 principles of emotional change, and memory reconsolidation. The two major tasks: two-chair dialogue, and unfinished business, will be covered in greater depth and details. Two other central and core themes, case formulation and therapeutic relationship in EFT will also be covered.

Case formulation in EFT is neither diagnostic nor problem finding. It is a collaborative process with the clients that entails both “leading” and “following”. This is where an EFT therapist “follows and track” clients’ pain and at appropriate junctures “lead” clients, through a collaborative process, to engage in certain tasks. Participants would be introduced to the idea of “forming a focus” in therapy jointly with clients.

Therapeutic Relationship. The relationship between client and therapist forms a supporting structure in “holding” clients in their pain. It is in this “holding” that clients are willing to dive deep into their emotional injuries. Topics such as; how to engage clients in first few sessions of EFT; how to establish therapeutic presence and also what to do in relationship difficulties with clients, would be covered.

Learning Objectives

  • Emotion Productivity Assessment
  • Emotion Change Processes
  • Case Formulation: An Introduction
  • Application of splits and two-chair dialogue
  • Application of unfinished business
  • Self-interruption in EFT
  • Imaginal Re-Entry as a Self-Soothing Task
  • Engaging Clients in EFT
  • Establishing Therapeutic Presence
  • Addressing Early Alliance Difficulties



Early Bird

[ before 31 January 2024 ]



[ From 1 February 2024 ]

3 final slots remaining

Online Teaching 4 8 Tuesday 5pm 28 Hours (4 days) [less 30 min break]
Dedicated Skills Practice 2.5 2 Tuesday 5pm 5 Hours

Online Workshop Schedule

1 7 Sep Online Teaching 1 5pm-9pm / 4 Hours
2 14 Sep Online Teaching 2 5pm-9pm / 4 Hours
3 21 Sep Skills Practice 1 5pm - 7.30pm / 2.5 Hours
4 28 Sep Online Teaching 3 5pm-9pm / 4 Hours
5 5 Oct Online Teaching 4 5pm-9pm / 4 Hours
6 12 Oct Online Teaching 5 5pm-9pm / 4 Hours
7 19 Oct Online Teaching 6 5pm-9pm / 4 Hours
7 26 Oct Skills Practice 2 5pm - 7.30pm / 2.5 Hours
9 9 Now Online Teaching 7 5pm-9pm / 4 Hours
10 16 Nov Online Teaching 8 5pm-9pm / 4 Hours