Thank you so much Lina. Lina always very patience with me. What I love the most during our sessions, she can make me feel safe whenever I need to process and overcome difficult thoughts or situations. Grateful and thankful for you Lina! You helped me go through my darkest times. I pray for your good […]


The care and quality of therapy given at Caperspring has been remarkable. Lina is extremely patient and kind, has been instrumental in helping me make and recognize progress. She helps me create a safe space for myself especially when i’m dealing with the leftovers of trauma, death, grief, anxiety and depression–as it has not been […]


I’ve been working through my burnout and PTSD with Lina for a few months now. She is encouraging and gently supports me to uncover and confront my innermost thoughts and needs. Without being pushy, she makes sure I progress every week. The CaperSpring staff have genuine empathy and concern for their clients. You are in […]