I had tried Christian counselling, marital counselling and worked with another psychologist in the span of 6 months. It felt that nothing was fitting in right, and I felt that those sessions were just about talking through feelings without any real progress. I then tried working with a psychologist, but felt that I wasn’t truly heard or that the psychologist truly cared for my progress. Eng Chuan was referred to me when I was at my wits end in my marriage and it was the best decision made. He had this extraordinary ability to listen as if you were the most important person in front of him at that session, and every session I had with him revealed something new about myself I didn’t tap into. He facilitates your self discovery and employs techniques that at first, don’t seem to change much of your day to day life until you keep pushing through and slowly notice a shift in your mental state. He strikes me as someone who already knows the diagnosis from the start, but talks to you as a friend and a curious listener about your feelings and allows you to come to your own conclusions with surety, rather than simply telling you what’s wrong. He did individual and couple therapy as well – it was great because both issues jn marriage and myself were intermingled and he had context when working with me individually or as a couple what my traumas were and how both relationships affected each other. He was wonderful at making both my husband and I heard and helped us understand each other better. Thank you EC, and I hope people will experience the difference you bring like you did for me.