Complex Trauma and The Healing Journey

Join our principal psychologist, Neo Eng Chuan, in a radio interview with Joel Chua on 93.8FM Live Journeys Within to understand more about Complex Trauma, its causes, effects, and effective interventions.


I was referred to Eng Chuan by my previous psychotherapist whom I was seeing after a traumatic breakup. At that time I had only been attending therapy ad hoc and it did not seem to improve nor address my constant tiredness, lack of motivation and work burnout adequately. Eng Chuan came into the picture and […]


Henry was my assigned therapist. During our sessions, he has been extremely helpful, kind and always listening to me. He provided me a safe space to express my concerns and my emotions. I was always heard and understood. Talking to Henry feels like talking to a long lost friend who’s always there whenever I needed […]


Thank you so much Lina. Lina always very patience with me. What I love the most during our sessions, she can make me feel safe whenever I need to process and overcome difficult thoughts or situations. Grateful and thankful for you Lina! You helped me go through my darkest times. I pray for your good […]