Fang has supported my mental health journey for more than a year by creating a safe space and giving me the courage to face certain things in my life. With her, I never felt that I was on this journey alone.


Excellent at identifying issues and uses good methods to help make sense of the current situation. Very calm and pleasant demeanour, helped to resolve a lot of inner conflict and childhood trauma.


Grace has helped me find clarity, perspective and purpose in several aspects of my life. She has helped me process events and feelings that remained unresolved for a long time, providing me with the impetus to look forward and manage current and future challenges.


I’ve been working through my burnout and PTSD with Lina for a few months now. She is encouraging and gently supports me to uncover and confront my innermost thoughts and needs. Without being pushy, she makes sure I progress every week. The CaperSpring staff have genuine empathy and concern for their clients. You are in […]